A shout out to all my Bastards!

Well, it’s here! Finally, all the hard work has paid off!

In case you don’t know what’s happening, The Bastards’ training corporation that I’m a member of, the Meatshields, has broken top #1000 corporations in Eve-online, according to Battleclinic. When I joined a couple, well… a lot of months ago, we weren’t even close. It’s been a rough way but I feel fucking proud of all of my corp mates – I’m not going to name them all, because that will lead me to forgetting someone I do not want to forget to name; all of you, Meatshields, we’ve done a fucking awesome job!

I hope this proves the credibility of our pirate father corporation, the Bastards. You have Eric Shang; a pirate who started his Eve career and went into pirating a month later; you have Mr Spaxi, me, and I started pirating the day I made the character.

I feel like this post should be giving credit to the Bastards more than my Meatshield mates. Yes, we’re doing an awesome job, and yes, we were the ones who pushed the corp through, but if it weren’t for the Bastards’ guidance, nobody would’ve been able to do it.

A massive shout out to all father corporation members, the Bastards, for teaching us the ropes, showing us around and holding our no-homo hands while we were just walking baby steps across Eve online universe. Without you, we wouldn’t be as good as we currently are; and we’re fucking good!

Thank you, the Bastards!

Fly safe, Mr Spaxi



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