Babe I’m gonna leave you

Babe, baby, baby, I’m Gonna Leave You.
I said baby, you know I’m gonna leave you.
I’ll leave you in the summertime,
Leave you when the summer comes a-rollin’
Leave you when the summer comes along.

Thrill of the hunt is one of the feelings I have gone and forgotten in the past days. I often find myself sitting at the Bastards’ lounge, sipping whiskey and listening to some Led Zeppelin instead of going out and being there. For the past year, I’ve spent my time learning every nut and cranny of frigate-size hulls, adapting myself to new environment I found myself in. To be quite honest, I completely stopped remembering my past life. A flash back into the war-torn planets during sleep is all I get. The carnage is burnt deeply inside me, and I can’t let go.

The immortality we were given has it’s down sides. At first, every moment I spent taking Mary and Laura out for a spin was well spent; now, not so much. I haven’t properly introduced you to Rose, my Federation navy Comet’s ship computer, but she’s kept me company past few weeks. At least when my wife, Mrs Spaxina is away on Jita business trips. Man, she’s a catch. Quite recently she picked up on flying transport ships which can cloak up and she’s been a doll helping me move the loot I pillaged during the month.

As I was sipping the last drop from the dirt-etched glass at the lousy Chief executive pub, I realized what’s been missing from my life – thrill. But not any kind of the thrill; the one you get blasting some hard rock music while stalking a prey, hoping that he’s not suspecting anything and when he’s least hoping, you pounce – and make him pay for dropping his guard. All the fights I had were pretty straightforward – the way Rose was setup made her pretty hard to take out in a 1v1 fight, which I always hope to achieve. Then it hit me. Smashing the glass on the floor was the way for me to shout out Eureka! to the entire bar, as I left it to prepare for something that I should’ve done a long time ago.

After contacting Spaxina via coms and having her come to Chief station, I set out to my hangar to revise on all the ships and modules I have with me right now. Without much consideration, after blowing up last Rose, I moved all of the modules I had to a single container and passed the over to Spaxina, who was coming in hot with some new goodies. A passionate kiss which was ended abruptly when she asked me if I have the ISK and the goods was as sweet as it could be. I still get a boner thinking about it. When I replied that I’d like to get my shipment as well, she smirked and revealed what was behind her.

A brand new Astero-type hull, just recently manufactured and a cargo container right next to it. Sweet, I thought to myself and proceeded to open it up. My eyes glared as the modules inside revealed themselves. A Sisters’ core probe launcher, fully loaded with 8 Sisters’ core scanning probes; one Gistii-1MN afterburner, a Khanid Navy warp scrambler and two sweet, sweet Corpii A-Type small armor repairers. The feeling was glorious. Never have I spent that much ISK on a single ship and I felt no regret. Spaxina had to run back to Jita and sell all of the modules I had her take, and I was off on my own to play with my new toys. A couple of hours after, Diane was all fit up and tweaked around. It was time to set out on my goal – a nomadic life-style, with no boundaries. It was time to explore the entirety of New Eden with Diane, but not in a way you think. It was time to stalk and prey on those who expect it the least – the explorers!