So you think you can pirate? – Introduction

Hello, ladies and gentlemen, fellow capsuleers. YARR!

Welcome to Mr Spaxi’s beginner pirate guide. In this blog section, I will be covering basic curriculum and ideas behind Low-Sec pirating in New Eden.

A bit about myself – I am a new addition to the Bastards alliance, currently in the Meatshield Corporation. I am blogging about my character’s personal experiences in pirating world. Even though I am only two months old, and just shy off 3M skill points, I have general idea about how stuff works, and I tend not to over complicate with unnecessary details.
My opinion is that I have been taught by one of the best PvPers out there, with honorable mentions being Johnny Twelvebore, TFS Tibbs, Eric Shang, Tekei, Lord LazyGhost, Sarcos and many, many others (forgive me if I hadn’t mentioned someone). I would also like to mention my fellow Meatshields, Dwaigon (for his experience as a Meatshield, feel free to follow this link to ZimZat’s blog where he had a little show of heart), Kadashnikov, CPT Shennan Igans, Rady’th, Mulchman and others who were around the time I joined the game.
Flying under the Bastards’ banner has been a privilege, and I suggest to any of you who wants to try himself out in low-cost Low-Sec pirating to join our Eve channel ‘DBastards’, bring a few cheap ships to Auner – Thukker Mix station, and convo me when I am online, or just join our public roams which are every Monday 19.00 Eve time. There will be an announcement for ship types, but it’s pretty much anything you can fit and is small, so assume T1 frigates. Also, feel free to visit our website at
Also, I am in the process of creating a FCing event, which will run once in two weeks with rewards in the end. Stay tuned, and have a good read.

This guide will consist out of six parts, each covering a pretty basic topic you need to get a hang off. Each part will include pictures, and videos, especially for things which can be explained better by watching me do it. Also, bear in mind that I will be giving out literature after each post, which I would suggest you to read up on for a bigger picture of the topic covered.

  • Part I – Introductionthis is the post you’re currently reading;
  • Part II – Mindset in this part, I will be talking about general ideas you should be having if you want to fly Low-Sec pirating;
  • Part III – Fitting this one will cover T1 frigates of all factions, honorable mention fits and some basic knowledge you will NEED to absorb;
  • Part IV – Overview and D-Scanfirst thing that needs to be setup after undocking in your fit ship is the overview. Once that is covered, I will be running through D-Scan tutorial;
  • Part V – Tips and Tricksgeneral advice and some out-of-the-box things you may or may not have known;
  • Part VI – Outro final part which will be a closing lecture.

Thank you for your time, enjoy your stay around the blog.

Fly safe, Mr Spaxi.


If you like what you read, please feel free to donate ISK to Mr Spaxi, as I do not have a steady ISK income and I rely on out-of-Eve work, like blogging and translating as income.

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