So you think you can pirate? – Fitting

Welcome back to the third edition of Mr Spaxi’s ‘So you think you can pirate?’ series. This blog entry will cover some basic information about fitting. I will do my best to introduce you to the basics behind three fitting ideas that have been proven to work. Unfortunately, only Gallente ships will be on display, as I have little experience fitting other races, however, I do have a lot experience fighting them. We will start with general three ways to PvP that are in close correlation with range.

I’ll start with this not because it’s the best option, but because it’s the one that focuses on the closest range. Also, this type of fighting style is the one I am the most familiar with. Brawler ships are usually tanky and do a lot damage, but are slow, generally lack utility and vulnerable to kitting. The idea with this type of a fighter is to get under your target as fast as possible, pin them down, and outlast them. Brawler ships are countered by kiters, absolutely, but with some fit modifications, you can make them very, very effective against kiters.


  • High damage;
  • Durable tank;
  • High variation in fitting.


  • Sluggish, slow;
  • Short range;
  • Low utility;
  • Countered by semi-kiters and kiters.

This type of a fit is in between a brawler and a kiter. The idea is to fight at a range from which a brawler can’t fight back from. This still leaves you vulnerable to kiters. In order to fly a semi-kiter, you need very specific mid slots in order to dictate range on your opponent, so it’s very hard to modify your fitting for catching kiters. It has very limited engagement options.


  • High utility;
  • Counters brawlers.


  • Limited fitting options;
  • Countered by kiters.

Kiters are ships that fight outside scram (Warp Scrambler module) range, and focus on high speed and manouverability to slowly take out their opponent. It’s more skill intensive, both player wise and SP wise. The idea is to fit a point (Warp Disruptor) and orbit your target between 16-20km and just poke away until they eventually go down. Be warned, though, that the longer you take to destroy the ship, the more time other people have to interfere.


  • Can dictate range well;
  • Counters brawlers and semi-kiters.


  • Paper thin;
  • Hard to control without good piloting skills;
  • Very low damage;
  • Boring (personal opinion).

Now, if you only came to read this in order to find out about some fuck of the month fits which rape everything, you came to the wrong place. So let me stop you right here if that’s your plan.

Second thing I want to talk about are you fitting skills. I spent a lot of my time during first two months getting my fitting skills to a high level, so that I can fit anything I like. You think that rushing T2 weapons will increase your fighting ability the most? You’d be wrong. Go ahead, get that lv 5 skill in your small weapons. Fit the weapons. Cry out in frustration when you realize how much more PG and CPU you need for them and sob at your fitting skills. The way I fly my ships is tighter than a virgin. Even though I am only at 6M SP, I have maxed out my Power grid management, my CPU management, Weapon upgrades and I got my Advanced weapon upgrades to lv 4. Think that’s all? Nope, I fly Genolution CA-1 and CA-2 implants which additionally increase my PG and CPU by 1.5%. That’s more than you think it is. It could be the difference between fitting Ion or Neutron blasters, a Damage control II module, or the Internal force field array (the difference in price is 10 times in favor of DC II). I suggest that you max your fitting skills if you haven’t already. Implants are stretching it far, but they do help.

Right, now it’s time to get down to fittings. I will show you example fit for every type of the ship I talked about. The data will be pulled from EFT, with an all skills at lv 5 character, with Genolution CA-1 and CA-2 implants. One more thing, this fits are generally priced around 7M ISK. With some, you can put the M4 DC instead of DC II, and then get some other T2 mods. Of course, that raises the price but it also increases your combat capabilities. For example, by replacing DC II with M4 DC in the Mary fit, you can get Energized adaptive instead of the normal one. Keep that on mind.

Incursus – Brawler – Mary

This is my pride and joy fit. The one I started Eve with and had some pretty juicy kills. It’s not imbalanced, it’s not fucking great, but it has everything I love on my ships.

  • Low: Basically everything here adds to your tank. Damage control is mandatory on every fit, Adaptive is there to increase your resistances to whooping 55%! and 200mm plate for that extra armor. T2 Armor repairer can be replaced with an Ancillary, but it all depends on your preferences. I usually fit an Ancillary instead of the T2.
  • Medium: Afterburner to catch up people who might web you, a prop mod is usually mandatory, Scram on a brawler is standard, you don’t need a long point, and a web. Here’s where my fits different from others, and people who fly dual reps. I’m the type of player who loves his mid slots and I wouldn’t swap my web for anything. In pair with an afterburner it allows me to pin down targets and get on them easier. The easier you get on your target, and the slower it’s moving, the more damage you do.
  • High: Light neutrons can be swapped with Light ion blasters if you lack fitting skills.
  • Rigs: Anti-Exp pump to cover the big hole in explosive resistances that armor generally has, Trimark pump works GREAT paired with an armor plate, and a Hybrid burst aerator for more DPS. On blasters, a burst aerator works better than a collision accelerator.
  • Drones: Slap on a Hobgoblin II or Warrior II. Don’t go to other drones. Alternately, you could try an ECM drone, it sounds like fun.


Atron – Semi-kiter – Laura

What I got here is a fit I recently put together, and had so-so success with. Perhaps an Incursus would work better for semi-kiting, but I haven’t tested it yet. This fit took out a Merlin recently, which was full brawler fit. It turned out better than I expected.

  • Low: Magnetic field stabilizer II is there to buff up your damage, because to fight at 7km range you’ll have to use Null most of the time, which drops your DPS. Ancillary is your only tank, so be careful how you use it. Pulse it, always overload it.
  • Medium: Everything you have here is important for semi-kiting. Scram to turn off their potential MWD, afterburner for tighter range control and a web as well.
  • High: Light neutron blasters work on a Semi-kiter Atron well, because the bonuses Gallente frigate gives are damage and fall off. With Null and at 7km, you fight at your fall off, but you still do a lot damage. Also, Neutrons track a lot better than Railguns. Important – separate one blaster from the other two when you fit them, because that will give you more overheating time.
  • Rigs: Aux nano pump to increase your repping, since it’s your only tank. A Burst aerator because more DPS is fun and a Polycarbon to buff up your speed and agility a bit further.


Thank you for reading my blog, this was a basic fitting guide from Mr Spaxi. If you want to learn more, and there is a LOT more to fitting than this, feel free to contact me in game and say hello. Next part of the guide will be covering overview setup and D-scanner. Hopefully, I’ll get around to it in late June because finals are coming up.

Fly safe, Mr Spaxi.


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