Two for the show!

I realize I haven’t written anything here in quite some time. The Bastards have had me run a lot of business while they were taking holidays in remote constellations. Some of them, namely Tibbs, even went as far to spent their time watching the Galactic football championship. Waste of time if you ask me.

Anyway, I have been flying alone while others were absent. You see, I had no time to take a break. My ambition was, and always will be, to become of one the most notorious pirates out there, and I fully intend to reach the goal.

A few ideas came across my mind recently, and I started working with Mary and Laura on some ship fitting modifications. Some stuff clicked and were right, and I had a few fits that needed testing. That’s when I undocked Laura X from the station and set my path towards a make-shift battleground for Minmattar – Amarr conflict. The journey was long and boring, with little ships around to heat my railguns up. However, I did stumble across something very, very interesting. Namely, two Condor type ships were attracted to me, while I was baiting other T1 frigates inside a war PLEX designed for novice ships.

Laura was very kind to inform me of D-Scan results as soon as they were changed – there were two ships on the outside, probably activating the acceleration gate. “Laura, align the ship towards the sun” was ordered to Laura while I was activating the extra-propulsion in the form of an afterburner. Also, I took D-Scanning to myself. I just had to know if they will follow through or not. Before they came, I was 80 km away from the warp in beacon.

Once they landed I switched my drone-camera from my ship, to theirs, and deducted that they were both indeed using light missile weapon systems, and the read out on their speed, namely over 3 km/s was telling me that they plan to “kite” me all day long. The fight wasn’t favorable, so I had Laura warp the ship to the sun at 100 km. I fled, yes, my diary, I fled, but I didn’t give up the fight.

Having them jump in on me while I am away from the warp in beacon meant that I would have to do some fancy maneuvering twice, and that would probably not be enough for me to destroy their ships in time. “Align back towards the Novice outpost, be ready to warp to it at 10 km upon order” I relayed to Laura while formulating a battle plan. Supposed to be easy, I stay at the beacon and grab the first one as they warp in, shoot him up real fast and then try to get the other one with some fancy flying.

Not a lot of time to think left – they indeed followed me, probably by fleet warping themselves at the same time, since my grid computer showed them arrive at the same time. “Laura, now!” I ordered the computer and once it replied “In warp, Spaxi” I knew the fight was on. The ship landed on the outside of the Novice PLEX and we activated the gate, got inside, and orbited the beacon at distance of 500 m. Shit was about to hit the fan.

While Laura was busy orbiting the beacon and checking D-Scanner for me, which showed positive results by the way, both of the Condor type ships were indeed outside of the PLEX, I was manually re-routing more power to the Small ancillary armor repairer and to the web, scram, afterburner as well as railguns. You could say my modules were on fire how hot they got. “Spaxi, we got incoming”, and indeed, the two ships were coming out of warp, landing on grid. If I had any control of my body, I would’ve grinned, but that’s not how a capsule works.

Phil Cooper was the first unfortunate Condor to be instantly targeted by the ship’s computer. I preactivated the web, the scram, while afterburner was already running, and moved my ship towards it. He tried to get away, but the Atron is a fast bugger. Especially when you get instantly webbed and scrammed. He wasn’t going anywhere. It took quite a few volleys from my railguns, which I left to Laura’s pleasure, since computer has a lot more potential tracking and firing the weapons when necessary, not to mention having a lot better aim. Phil’s ship was in flames, while his friend was pounding on me. Both of them broke into my armor a long time ago, and the armor repair module was running at 115% efficiency, red-hot, repairing the armor when needed. Bad thing was – the nanite paste was running out of the module; the good thing – Condor #1 was down.

Laura, stop overheating the railguns, shoot him if you can; stop the armor repair, re-overheat it and hold, cycle one repair when armor drops below 55%; send D-Scan checks every 5 seconds, 360 degrees angle, 1 000 000 km range” – short orders to Laura, while I was about to do some fancy flying. My camera drone was far away from my ship, perhaps 50 km, and I had perfect view of the situation. Training with one of the meanest Bastards in a kiting ship, Tekei, had given me a lot of experience. “Let’s see how good of a pilot you are, Byleth Ch’ih Yu” I thought, and went with the execution. Railguns were grazing his shields, but it would seem he had a shield booster module which was shrugging the damage off. Didn’t matter, once I got him, he would go down for good.

I had to check the damage on the modules before I could do anything. “Damn it!” would have been a cry out of frustration, if I could cry out. The afterburner was 93% damaged. If I were to overheat it once again, it would melt. Only one attempt is all I had. Once I noticed his ship was about to pass mine in the 20 km orbit he established, I turned the engines on and started moving towards the sun. The Condor’s orbit distorted, was no longer circular and became somewhat elliptical. This confused his ship computer, and since he wasn’t flying manually, the computer started approaching me to re-establish the orbit. “Bingo”. I overheated my afterburner for one last try, coupled with my web and scram overheating as well, as I started moving my ship towards his trajectory, not directly at him, but in the direction he was moving.

Shortly after I was withing 13 km from him and my web landed on him. His engine entangled, he still carried some speed as he was trying to get away, but my Laura X was slightly modified – I did some engine tweaks and managed to get it to move at 2.1 km/s when giving additional power to the afterburner. It was enough to move in closer, and land a scram just as I hit 10 km mark. My nanite paste ran out a long time ago; my afterburner was melted; the Condor was moving at 200 m/s, while my Laura X was at solid 480 m/s. Armor was almost gone, structural integrity had been compromised, but I did it. Byleth’s Condor was on fire and gone very soon after and there was a strange smell in the air. It smelled like a good fight.

The ship was in terrible condition: all three railguns at 91% damage; web and scram at 50% damage; no more extra propulsion as afterburner was gone; armor repairer was cycling on without any paste, but it did the job. Laura was ordered to keep close attention to the D-Scanner, while I piloted the ship towards the remaining two wrecks, got the surviving modules and ammo, and disappeared before anyone could ruin my day.

The next day I was able to check out my accomplishment on the IntraGalWeb:

For a first win while outnumbered, not even remotely bad. I felt proud of myself for the first time in a couple of weeks. I still got it!

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