So you think you can pirate? – Mindset

Before I started playing Eve “for real” I had an account, it has to be seven years from now. I was a member of a null-sec corporation called “Kumovi”. I don’t remember much of that period, for I was a lot younger and I didn’t care much for the game back then. This time, before I started playing, I already knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to be a pirate. It all started when I was searching via Google for “pvp small eve online” and I ran into a singing ransom of the Bastards. However, this article will not be a history lection from me.

Every decent pirate I know is a good guy. Honestly, I haven’t met any good pirate who’s a jerk. I think the basics behind this are that most people who engage in low-sec type of PvP are laid-back and here to have fun, the cheapest and fastest way. I had the honor of roaming with some “Screaming Hayabusa”, “Stay Frosty” and “You’ve got RED on you”. I didn’t join the roam because I wanted to kill stuff, I joined because I wanted to experience the people outside my corporation, learn more about others who are doing the same thing I am, but differently, perhaps. What I found out was nothing I didn’t expect already – the same story, laid-back type of people with good and decisive leadership, but with the same priority of having fun. Pirates are people you go out with for a pint, have laughs and enjoy time spent.

What low-sec piracy is is small scale PvP, as you may have already deducted. First thing you should be thinking about if you’re indecisive about piracy is just that – how much do you enjoy PvP. If you have no alt accounts or any other characters, bear in mind that PvP will be pretty much all you’ll be doing. As someone who grew up on Lineage 2, where PvP was as open world as it gets, my only concern before I started playing a game was “what’s the pvp like”. Some people don’t take PvP serious, some take it very, but the one thing that binds them all in this profession is just that. Pirates are people who love to shot others and have no quarrel with being shot at.

When I started out I had nothing. And when I say nothing, I mean 5k ISK, and a rookie ship. The Bastards pulled me straight out of Duripant and into Auner for PvP. No alts, no other characters. My first character on the account was a pirate from day one. At first I was very concerned about earning ISK for PLEXes. I live in a country where people are poor, especially students like myself, so I knew that if I didn’t manage to come by some money for a PLEX, I wouldn’t be able to continue playing. You can see I was overwhelmed with concern about my in game survival. When I started shooting other people, I would seem to have forgotten all about ISK. Sure, the ships you destroy drop some loot but it’s not much. Especially when you’re in fleet and you share. You might turn up with a 10M ISK profit for a roam, but most of the time you’ll be back in a pod with some loss behind you. At first, ships were cheap, dirt cheap – perhaps 1M per frigate. Now, my fits are on average 8M – and I still don’t have a solid ISK income. But there are always other things you can do for ISK. I engage in multiple activities – from translating texts to my mother language to blogging. It all helps pay the bills. Pirates are not people who are here to get rich, nor would they get even if they wanted to.

That’s it from me. In conclusion, pirates are people who are good lads, always up for a laugh and have fun; are not up-tight and moody; love to PvP since that is the only activity they engage with; do not mind losing their ship or blowing up another’s; don’t worry about the ISK. If you match up with these statements, then you’re good to go. Now, I’d like to give the word to my fellow mates from the Bastards alliance. I asked them a few simple questions, like how did they start pirating, how do they “pirate”, what do they enjoy the most about it and what does it take to be a pirate:


Eric Shang – one of the first persons who welcomed me into the Bastards, and took me under his ship to guide me on my starting pirating days:

How did you start being pirate:
I have always been a pirate at heart if I look back at it now. I got pointed into the direction of pirating by a friend who played EVE for 4-5 years. He said he never had more fun than in low security in small groups looking for kills and also some solo pvp. I think the aspect of catching someone and being able to ransom them for isk or a song was just the icing on the cake. I also believe pirates have the most fun.

How do you spend your time pirating:
Its a very tricky one because I can be very sociable at times and then I will FC and take people out in fleets or join fleets and just have fun with people. I then do sometimes become a bit withdrawn and will just want to log on and fly solo for a bit. I find my solo roaming is normally when I am in a bad mood and if I get a solo kill I find my mood improves a bit.

What do you enjoy the most in pirating:
I think if you look at pirates even when there where real pirates then you will find it was freedom. We not chained down by any alliance telling us when and where to be. We don’t have to join fleet if we don’t want to and if you want to jump in and FC at the end of your first 2 months in the game then you know what… go for it. I love the guys in the bastards for this. I also think that because pirates have the most fun that most pirates i have met are actually the nicest people in EVE.

What it takes to be a pirate:
I think the biggest thing is accepting failure. You will fail at things but you need to just look at the positive of it. Every loss has a lesson. I swear thats my new moto in life. Yes you fuck up sometimes but as long as you learn where the mistake was made and don’t make the same mistake again then I think you will go far as a pirate.
Also Be friendly. Nobody likes a smart ass or douchebag.


Tekei – quite possibly the guy I’ve bugged the most about helping me learn and test out different tactics, a very good person who will always go out of his way for you:

Piracy is a very interesting subject in my opinion. There aren’t very many games that allow that kind of play style and yet most people seem to get it mixed up too heavily with PvP. To me there is one huge difference between simply PvPing and doing piracy, and that is profit. A pirate tries to make a profit by blowing up and ransoming others while a PvPer simply cares about getting good fights. Not that theres nothing to gain from normal PvP. On the contrary I can definitely see the value in looking for good, exciting fights, but it shouldn’t be confused with the profit oriented pirate activities.

I’m very competitive as a person which naturally has gotten me into the PvP side of every MMO I’ve tried. Eve is no different. The idea of “meaningful” PvP is actually what drew me to the game in the first place. Dieing in Eve doesn’t simply respawn you in a new location, there are actual consequences to pvp which seemed like a very exciting idea to me. After having tried mission running, null-sec ratting and both small scale and large scale battling I realized that I enjoyed myself most in small scale and solo pvp. I guess it caters to my competitive side. But if all I’m after is a good competitive game I should probably spend my time playing Street Fighter (Which I actually do) or something else that is better suited for competitions. Eve is an MMO and the fight itself isn’t really the reason I play, at least it’s only part of the reason.

Making a profit from PvP is something that had me very interested from the first time I heard about piracy, and it seemed like an awesome challenge as well so I decided to give it a try. It didn’t take long to get me hooked. Since I first took that step below -5 sec status I’ve never looked back. Piracy in Eve is without a doubt the most rewarding MMO-experience I’ve had and The Bastards has helped me a lot.

There are definitely downsides to playing the way I do. Income is one. I personally don’t use alts for earning ISK (other than buying and selling tuff in highsec) for example. This is by choice and I realize that I’m making things more difficult than it has to be. Usually I’m ok with having a rather empty wallet but I can feel a bit bad about it when we need people flying cruisers etc for a corp op and I happen to lack the funds to actually set up a proper ship. Most of the time though, I’m able to support myself through piracy and running the occational exploration site or two.

I guess that about sums up my thoughts on piracy and why I got into it. As for what it takes to be a pirate I’d say brains and a good understanding of game mechanics. More importantly though: If you’re looking for a good fight, you’re doing it wrong.


Lord Lazyghost – very likely the person we all love the most in the Bastards, he’s the guy who will get shit done, will pick you up when you’re down, but will also get you killed in some way or other. Also, one of people I flew the most with:

Lord Lazyghost was trained for pure Pvp, I did not undock him from jita for around the first 3-6 months. This was only because I had another main char to keep me busy while I was training. this is not needed btw as Eric Shang has proven you can start to pvp with only a few weeks training getting solo pvp kills.
So I was always a industry char doing the boring side of eve i am ashamed to admit it Mining
. yes I used to be a super care bear. Anyway after a number of years doing that I decided I wanted to pvp so lazy was born.
I originally joined a Corp called Star Faction a soft RP corp that has a huge long history in eveonline.
I spent quite a long time with them playing a lot and learning my craft of pvp which was hard at times as they were NRDS. so having to wait for people to aggress you before you can shoot back was hard for me at times. Lost what I would call a lot of possible targets through the rules of SF. This started to get to me after a while and was one of the reasons I started to look elsewhere. Also I felt with the corp. not being very active and the people in power where not very active but they were very active vocally disagreeing with things the active people where doing . IE loosing ships in combat engaging in combat when we may not win things like that. Basically saying if u not going to win don’t fight because it hurts the kill board.
In my eyes the KB is one of the worst things in the game. People used to just fight and die and have fun before the world could see it and your Kill to death ratio the !SUPER EPEEN! bollox.
So I came to the choice to go be a pirate the one thing I had not done until now really in normal space. had done the null sec thing Hated it with a passion nothing bores me more than being a f1 monkey.
I joined the shadow cartel the king of the low sec pirates. spent a lot of time flying with them everything I thought I knew about pvp was a drop in the ocean compared to what I learned in the first few weeks with them. Flying smaller cheap stuff all the way to multibillion ship fits did it all really. had to take some time away from game while I was joining the Army in real life.
so I decided to join a C4 WH alt corp. so I could be online when I could and do stuff if I could not get on that was fine as well. made some money had some fun was a laugh. The bastards decided to leave cartel Not because they did not enjoy flying huge expensive fleets or anything. just because we wanted to go and make the bastards name what it once was strong pirate corp/alliance flying small gang small ship stuff. Which we are doing right now I hope training new comers and getting them into the ranks.
I think the main reason I fly as a Pirate is we live by simple rules 1. honour your word. that petty much it lolz. if you ransom someone and they pay up let them go. anyone found not doing this gets swift kick in the balls and made to pay to replace the ship they killed while breaking their word and also pay back the ransom. or face kicking from corp. very simple. same goes with 1v1 you get the picture.
I enjoy the challenge flying around in a ship with the sole thing is I have undocked this ship is going to die at some point but how many am I going to take with me before I go love this. if at the end of the night you dock up and ya got a few kills awesome.
Pvp these days is starting to get really boring for me again atm bar a few fights some I have won when totally out numbered. and some I lost in really close fights. Never upset at the loss of a ship at the end of the day don’t want to lose a ship don’t undock it.
I hate FW with a passion as well the whole concept is just so broken its funny. we mainly fly frigs so fw plexes are a great hunting ground to get fights and make sure the ship is off your size IE you’re not going to engage a frig and get cruisers dropped on you. But the amount of FW pilots that just do nothing but farm for LP is just retarded. frigs fit with only stabs and a cloak sitting in sites to tick them down any sign of a fight and they ether cloak up or warp away. if you do happen to grab someone then they just warp away because of the stabs. lamest thing I have ever seen in the game.
FW should be Farming Wars. as probs 90% of people just using it as a way to pull money instead of the RP element it was designed for.

Anyone can be a pirate really nothing special only the mentality to not bitch and moan when you die because if you are playing for the rush and fun of fighting then it is going to happen. in the start it will happen more then not the.
you get some Pilots that want to have fun and others that just want to see things blow up. i am a bit of both as long as things are exploding in fire then it was a good roam be it our fleet or theirs or a bit of both I really don’t mind. as long as for the few mins of that fight I get a rush and have fun that all that matters to me. winning is not everything at the end of the day it’s a game and its meant to be fun. when the fun goes away for one reason or another it’s time to stop playing or go find something fun within the game to do.


Radyt’h – a fellow Meatshield, who flew with me countless times and helped me blow up everything and everyone:

I started to play the game. From there on i have been reading alot about the game and different corps and it aspects. The naughty part i liked from the start combined with the respectfull part. The team and teamspirit is epic in Bastard, which motivates me to move forward as individuel aswell as part of a close team. These are not players, but these are friends.


This concludes the second part of the „So you think you can pirate?“ guide. I hope you had a good read and got your mind set out better on whether you want to be a „yaaaaar“ or not. Until next time,

Fly safe, Mr Spaxi.