Rest in peace, Pop Paddi

This is not one of those happy posts I am always doing. I stumbled upon an article about a guy whose grandfather was going through some very serious treatment and he managed to find peace nowhere else but in the game we all so love and enjoy – Eve Online. You can read more about the story here. I do have to quote Evestardam AD “Eve is real”.

I learned about this on @SindelPellion while looking around the Angel project. It turns out that a lot of people from Pandemic Legion, spreadheaded by Sindel and Seldinger as much as I was aware of, I am sorry if I forgot to mention any vital cogs, organized a kind of a Thunderdome with 1000 Ishkurs. They were all fitted up and ready in Zaimeth, handed out neatly and then you would proceed to Mai and shoot at other people to honor the memory of quite possibly one of the oldest Eve-online players.

My corp mate, Known Associate, and I participated and had some fun, but we had to clear out after only 3 ships lost. It was getting kind late, but that’s not the point of this post – what I’ve been trying to find in many other video games I’ve played past couple of years, I’ve found in Eve. Eve is real. The people you meet here aren’t just some randomly created characters behind a role playing game. You come to realize that people in Eve are a lot more ‘real’ than in other video games. In Eve, people care, people suffer and people enjoy. This is what Eve has to offer compared to other video games and this is why I love Eve.

Rest in peace Pop Paddi, I did not know you but you shall be remembered. o7


Well, I’m bloody thrilled! I managed to jump in last-minute to Crake Gaterau’s Thunderdome down in Gallente space and I have to say it was the most fun I had in Eve since I joined!

Basically, Miura Bull went out of his way and thrilled all of us by being kind enough to fit around 230 T1 frigates with T1 modules; all different kinds of ships – Laser Incursus? Check. Dual rep Griffin? Check. We had it all! At one time, the battle became so cluttered we had to make another grid and we actually f’ed it up! Somehow we did some top secret grid-fu and created 3 different grids within 100 km of the warp in so people were coming in and out of Overviews. It was hilarious!

I had my luck with plenty ships – Laser incursus, laser merlins, Griffins with rockets and dual tank, Slashers with MWD and Invul field that was funny as all hell, buzzing around, whoring on people and calling out target. Have to admit, Crake was broadcasted as main target more often than not.

On the other hand, we had a rule about not warping off for repairs – you have to lose your ship before you can warp off. The rule was breached once by Incognito, and honorable execution by hands of Mr Spaxi was done. Honor among pirates? Done. At one time, we warped to the center of the arena, jetted out of the ships and moved away 15km from them. Crake began the countdown and we all raced for them. Little did they know, Rifter that Mr Spaxi jumped out off was depleted of all ammo. I believe Nuke Cave was unfortunate to board it.

All in all, a lot of people were drunk, a lot of laughs were had. 10/10 would do it again!


P. S. #Incogwarped #Tweetfleet

Naruto-based ninja browser MMORPG


Sorry for this type of post, but recently I’ve started playing this game while studying, since it requires activity every 15 minutes to 2 hours, depending on some factors.

You start out as an Academy student, and gradually work your way up to Special jounin or Kage. The server just started out on the latest instalment called Core 3, so everyone is starting anew, people are maybe a month old at most.

The basic things you do at start are training your defenses and completing missions until you rank up to Genin, when you get a massive boost to your regeneration (you have Chakra and Stamina which regenerate every 1 minute), so you can train fast. Each training (there’s 8 types of it – Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Taijutsu and Weapon offensive and defensive for each) will cost you stamina and chakra and will reward you with a small increase to your maximum stamina or chakra (also known as ‘pools’). Also, you are awarded experience which is needed to level up. Besides those, you have general stats, which affect your offensive jutsu damage and modify the damage you take – they’re Intelligence, Strength, Willpower and Speed. They affect different stats in a different way for different offenses/defenses, so you might as well read up on it on the manual. The game does take up a lot of time, but it’s not a hassle if you’re sitting next to your PC the entire day (working, studying, etc). Right now, I’m at the stage where I have to check up every 30 minutes for 2 minutes. Of course, if you decide to dedicate more time to it later on, you will be more powerful, like it is with every other game.

My in-game name is MrSpaxi, so you might as well contact me if you have any questions. I live in the village of Silence, it’s where all the cool people are (except me, I’m lame).

Basic starters guide can be found here, even thought it’s still work in progress.

Please register using this link. Be aware that the link I have given you will award me some silly things. It would be much appreciated if you could register over my link, thank you!

A shout out to all my Bastards!

Well, it’s here! Finally, all the hard work has paid off!

In case you don’t know what’s happening, The Bastards’ training corporation that I’m a member of, the Meatshields, has broken top #1000 corporations in Eve-online, according to Battleclinic. When I joined a couple, well… a lot of months ago, we weren’t even close. It’s been a rough way but I feel fucking proud of all of my corp mates – I’m not going to name them all, because that will lead me to forgetting someone I do not want to forget to name; all of you, Meatshields, we’ve done a fucking awesome job!

I hope this proves the credibility of our pirate father corporation, the Bastards. You have Eric Shang; a pirate who started his Eve career and went into pirating a month later; you have Mr Spaxi, me, and I started pirating the day I made the character.

I feel like this post should be giving credit to the Bastards more than my Meatshield mates. Yes, we’re doing an awesome job, and yes, we were the ones who pushed the corp through, but if it weren’t for the Bastards’ guidance, nobody would’ve been able to do it.

A massive shout out to all father corporation members, the Bastards, for teaching us the ropes, showing us around and holding our no-homo hands while we were just walking baby steps across Eve online universe. Without you, we wouldn’t be as good as we currently are; and we’re fucking good!

Thank you, the Bastards!

Fly safe, Mr Spaxi


Motivation in Eve

Quite recently I took a short break from Eve, nothing too serious, had a real life friend over at my home and he was quite desperate on his exams, so I helped him out with studying. That meant that I literally had 5 minutes per day of Eve, and that came down to setting skills up for training.

During that time, I didn’t expect anyone to really notice I was gone, but one gal/lad (gender to be determined) did. I guess he/she felt like I lost my Eve mojo and wanted to spring me back into action. The reason I am posting this is to get back at you all who have lost your Eve spark. Hopefully, the eve-mail will work the same it did for me, got me back online the instant I read it. Without further ado, the mail:

From: Casper Gilamesh
To: Mr Spaxi
Subject: Motivational Letter (thought you would need it)

Hey Mr Spaxi,
Long time no see, just thought I would write this letter to you. 

 When I was a newer pilot to PvP I thought that the only idea of pvp was that killing was the only thought and that your kill board was reflective of the fact that you were a good pilot. Believe me the good pvp pilots have a 56%/70% isk efficincy. 

When I started there was two pilots that I would come across all the time; I will put to you who was the better pilot.

Missy Loreli, was a notorius gate camper being one of the top 100 for at least six months she would camp the Ofrold to Resbroko gate armed in a Insta Locking Oracle with Legion boosts. Pretty much a path of destruction lay at the gate, with nuetral eyes in each of the adjacent systems and with a intel channel of about a thousand pilots. If anything was deemed to be after her she would relocate to a safe spot or move to another system. 
Fr33moth Sprinkles, was a solo pilot that was always in the sytem that my corp lived in for awhile and the most remerable kill was when we pointed him on a novice gate in a thorax. The dude was always nice enough to say gf and keep trying to pvp even if the losses were always stacked the other way.
Unfortunatly as far as I know these two pilots have stopped playing eve. 

 “Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never, never—in nothing, great or small, large or petty—never give in, except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force. Never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.”

One of my favorite quotes should actually be in my bio (will do that later). Is a quote from Churchill, at the time Britian was not doing too well against the German forces, as they were far superior to anything that Britian could bring to the table. Churchill bluffed, giving intel to the enemy that then belived that Britian had the upper hand forcing the war to end much differently than how the predicted outcome.

“For myself, I am an optimist.
There does not seem to be much use in being anything else.”― Winston Churchill

If  you could predict the odds of winning in pvp 100% of the time, would you still pvp? Of course not, the whole idea of the “bittervet” disease is the whole “I don’t find pvp enjoyable anymore, cannot get good fights, everyone is smarter/dumber than me  and I win/lose everytime”. For those that will bring you down, tell you that your not strong/good enough that you should be doing this differently and that your such a noob. So fuck what? You’re not pvping for them and besides if they are telling you this stuff they had to learn it first right? Laugh at them, breeze on by and then kill them one by one… 🙂

Belief that you will become that pvp pilot that you see around you in others, takes time and study and quite alot of moronic behavior (i would not say any PvP pilot in EvE is alright in the head, just a heads up). The shakes will stop, the thrill of the kill goes too, the head desking as the rebalances take place once again for you to memorise over again, the overwelming sense of non purpose as you cruise around looking for kills to find that once again that there was nothing to kill this night or maybe the night after. 

But at the end of the day, what are you doing it for? Risk verses Reward, Live in the moment, Laugh when you get a kill that should of been a loss and most of all if your not having fun, Change It!


He/she hit it spot on. Whenever you’re feeling down and not wanting to play Eve, or you’re just wondering if it has a point, come back and read up. It will do you good.


Fly safe, Mr Spaxi.


Frustration and everything Eve is NOT about

To be frank, I’ve never expected this day would come. Sure, I took a two weak break a month or two ago, but that was only because of real life issues and the game getting a bit slow. Right now, the game is anything but slow. I don’t know if you’re following my killboard for any reason, if you’re not, you should, you might see a good kill or two pop up for a newbie, but that’s not the point. In past four days, I lost a grand total of fifteen ships I believe and a pod. I haven’t lost that much in the previous month. Looking down at Eric Shang’s comment about solo PvP, I have a completely different reason to hate Eve.

When you get down in real life, you usually come online, speak to a few people on comms, warp to different systems, blast at people, get blasted, you know, the usual – fun. Except that it’s not. Sure, I agree with Eric and have met on more than one occasion a boosted pilot, and that’s okay. You still have your chance, agreed, lower chance but you have a fighting chance. There has been a rise in gate camping in our home region recently and it pisses me off. It pisses me off so much that I am going to lay off Eve for a week, two, maybe three. Maybe the whole month, until I feel like it again. Right now, I don’t know what’s worse – not playing and missing your corp mates, or playing and getting pissed off every hour or so.

This night Aeonax took out a fleet on a public roam. We went to Evati first, tried to pick a fight but the lad went off. It was when we get to Ardar that I really got mad. Shadow Cartel was camping Ardar, Flosewin, Frerstorn, and was getting their foot in Eszur for a bit, but not that much. After playing games with them for roughly 20 minutes, I managed to get through to Siseide, and try my luck in Auga. We had a fleet of 9. I don’t really know what I expected. Probably some fleets of roughly the same size, looking forward to a good fight or two. Nope. Guess what we found. More gate camps! In order to jump 10 systems, we had to spend almost 2 hours. And we still lost our FC.

I know that in every game you have people who will try to abuse a system in order to gain dominance vs. other players. That is understood. It’s all good when it’s only a few people doing it, but once you have everyone gate camping, what do you get? For starters, you get no proper fights. You might say now ‘oh, gate camps are easy to be countered’ but they’re not. They can easily fuck off like any other fleet. And for us Meatshields, breaking a gate camp is an impossible mission. Believe me, I tried, and I lost almost everything. From a Velator to a 250M pod (and for me, 250M is a lot), in just 4 days.

I’m done ranting. Honest to God, I had to get this off my chest. As if Eve wasn’t hard enough already, you’re killing it for the newbies. Go with a Faction or a Pirate frigate, even T2 frigate, I WILL fight you, but come on, give me a chance. Don’t be a cunt and ruin peoples’ fun with a play style that has no counter-play. You people ever wondered why low-sec piracy is dying? It’s because you don’t give people a chance. Right now I feel I was lucky to be able to play for 4 months in low sec and learn a lot. I did it because of the corporation, because I love spending online time with them, and I enjoy solo and small-scale pvp. Any other person will just be sent away, like 75% of the Meats we recruited in the past few months.

So, gate campers, you might say ‘tough luck’ or something like ‘Eve is not easy, newb, go to WoW’, but all I have to say to you is this – you’re cunts. You fight like cunts, and act like cunts. Your ‘GF’ in local is worth nothing. Thank you for sending me off Eve before my finals, as they do come up in two to three weeks. I’ll see you after that.

Looking back at this post an hour after publishing it made me laugh. Don’t take it very seriously. I just needed a vent and this place seemed as good as any. I’m not all that mad, but I do feel that gate camping is lame, but only because it offers little to no counter-play.

Fly safe, Mr Spaxi


Stupidity in Eve-Online

A wise man who plays in my corporation (let’s name him ‘Johnny’ for sake of the conversation) told us all more than once – always bet on stupid. Somehow, I always fell short of agreeing with that. Yes, there are bad players, but I don’t believe Eve-Online capsuleers are ‘stupid’. Wait, let me correct myself, I didn’t believe. Now I do, not most, but they exist. Through my Eve-O journey I’ve met a lot of characters – some were happy with mining, others were journalists who wanted to get to know this game which hits the headlights from time to time, but most of them were PvPers who were keen on getting a fight and they knew how to do it. Only a few others were like me, complete newbies with no skill points, no hard-core modules or any PvP experience. What all of them had in common was their general matureness and intelligence. I didn’t meet a lot of ‘stupid’ people, except for some Russians (copyright on those who call Auner their home now). Nonetheless, Johnny insisted there are stupid people. From this day on, I’m a believer.

I joined Teamspeak today because we got a general mail from Anab saying that we switched comms from Mumble to TS, and I wanted to set it up. A certain young person called Johnny and a Meatshield cadet I’ve been proud to train these past days jumped me and ordered to get in a ship in Auner, since we’re hunting an Ishtar who was doing missions. Orsius lost his ship to the mission rats and I wanted to give it a go, but I had to retreat almost immediately as towers made short work of my shield and hull. The ship of choice for this action was my Incursus codenamed Mary S, and boy, she is a beauty. She already proved in combat vs some of Navy frigates, namely an Imperial Navy Slicer, and a Navy Hookbill (ty Router for hoarding on the mail :p ). Anyway, once I ran away from the billion rats that were nuking me down, I was back on the outside of our station, repped up and undocked to see if ‘that certain person named Johnny’ can get us down on the Ishtar again. It would’ve been a nice kill, let me tell you, the T2 cruiser kills are gold for a T1 frigate. However, what greeted me on the undock was something completely different. Johnny said on comms that he was going to need someone who is flashy to bait a Wolf to attack him. Being the ‘Mr Spaxi’ I am, comms were flooded with me volunteering, and so I got on grid.

Almost instantly was I targeted by the T2 frigate, Wolf. I burned towards him, overheating everything and tackling him. Poor lad was arty fit, while I had him scrammed and webbed orbiting at 1k. I have to admit I shit my pants. My ancillary was repping up overheated, while I was pulsing my MWD to see if I can get more damage negation regardless of the signature radius penalty. I went into structure a few times, but Mary S was too much for him to handle. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you my first T1 vs T2 frigate solo kill. Mary S has been christened in Navy frigate combat, T2 frigate combat and not to mention T1 frigate combat. Once the fight was over, I collected some ‘local tears’ and docked up, only to get another 1v1 challenge from the same person. This time, I was not going to fight him blind.

That certain young person had a cloaky ship just outside and was able to scan his ship out, giving me valuable information – he was 200mm AC fit this time. Being a cheap ass I usually am, I had no kiting ship, but thanks to Orsius, I was supplied with a 125mm rail Atron, whom I modified a bit to swap a web for a TD. Undock, orbit at 10km, overheat everything, point, TD shoot – BOOM. I found myself in a pod. You see, getting all those kills under my belt with general understanding that I’m a newb made me sprout wings and fly above the clouds, thinking I was the best, the greatest, the UNKILLABLE BY STATION GUNS pirate. Yup, yup, station guns shot my wings down, along with the poor Atron I flew. Stupidity started with me, ladies and gentlemen.

Even though it started with me, it didn’t end there. I immediately refit, thank God for Orsius, and challenged him for another 1v1 and he obliged. Atron was sitting steadily at 30km off the station when he undocked, yet again AC fit and we started playing chicken. I was burning towards him without my prop mod, because I didn’t want to give away my fit, while he was slowboating towards me until something very odd happened. Orsius undocked in a shuttle in order to watch the fight. I have no idea what happened in Wolf pilots mind, as he turned around and fired a volley at the defenseless shuttle. Needless to say, I tackled him since I had a limited engagement timer he supplied me with a few minutes earlier, Orsius docked up (yes, shuttle is safe), and gate guns along with myself netted my new ship the first T2 frigate kill. With this post, I would like to congratulate to Laura, my first Atron fit for general PvP (I got Patricia, whose role is a bit of a secret, but you’ll find out one day).

Human stupidity is infinite, as someone surely had said before (Einstein perhaps, but I cannot know, internet is full of lies), but beware – it can always start or end on your side, no matter how good you are. Keep your wit sharp, your modules repaired and your ship steady. Don’t be cocky, and keep your feet firmly on the ground.

Fly safe, Mr Spaxi.