Goliath, part 1

I’ve been reading a lot lately. When you’re stuck on a space station, you do get a lot of free time. Pirate’s life is all fun and joy, but it gets slow. Seems like the Bastards have managed to scruff up some good literature from humanity’s days on Earth. These things are rare, very, but I got my hands on a story about a man called David, and a giant named Goliath. I’ve been reading the book bit by bit, but eventually I got bored and decided to see if there’s any fun around. It ought to be.

Boy, was ‘Mary’ looking better than ever! Some mechanics felt free enough to teach me how to rig my ship, and I got a hang of it eventually. For the first time ever, I was able to get rid of the nasty hole I have in my ship’s armor. Besides, it is so vulnerable to explosives it’s not even funny. I’m not kidding, once people shoot me with some exp warheads, projectiles or if I get a couple of Warrior type drones on me I’m a goner. So, the time seemed good as any to sort ‘Mary’ out a bit more – I reinforced it’s armor with some anti explosive alloys, and a couple of trimark armor layers. It looked a lot beefier than before, let me tell you, a beauty. I tinkered with my blasters for a bit, and managed to improve them with a burst aerator. Should allow me to shoot stuff faster.

After the ship itself was ready, I went in my pod and connected. Naturally, Mary greeted me and we did a ship inspection, talked about how stuff works. These AI are miraculous, it’s like a real person reaching out to you. We synched in a bit more, and I felt like the ship was becoming a part of me. Definitely not for the first time. It was time to download the AI and fit up a few more ships. I got four more Incursi ready, and uploaded Mary to them all. Time to take flight, I thought.

Connecting with a pod is always a new experience. You get these tubes all out of your body linking up with everything on a pod. However, as soon as you do so, your ship computer integrates with your mind and you become one. Just imagine it, expanding your mind with an infinite processor. It is something.

Once the ship was running, it was time to undock. As I was outside of the station, I got Mary to run a directional scanner and read me out the results. ‘14.3 AU, 360 degrees D-scan, Mary, please’ I thought. Almost instantly I had Mary whisper me the results ‘Thrasher, Spaxi’. I proceeded to narrow down the ship, and found it inside a PLEX designed for Faction warfare. Yes, the Empires are still at it, killing innocents for their own sake. It disgusts me. ‘Mary, warp to Minmattar small outpost at 10 km, please’. Ship went into warp, and I was there rather rapidly. After activating the gate leading inside, I got Mary to overheat all of the fitted modules, because I knew I was engaging a destroyer (a ship designed to destroy frigates) and hoped for the best. After getting out of warp, Mary was given a few commands: ‘Mary, activate afterburnre, approach ‘Thrasher’ and initiate locking sequence’, however that wasn’t what happend. All I heard was ‘Spaxi, we’re locked. Shields at 20%. Armor at 40%’. ‘Mary, activate ancillary small armor repairer’ but that wasn’t enough. Last line was what she always says when we go down – ‘Good fight, Spaxi’. My pod ejected and I got it back to the station. You wouldn’t believe how pissed I got.


Enough of writing in the diary, I’ll finish this story up when I come back. I’ve just been called to get back into high sec, and blast the hell out of a Mackinaw. Can’t miss this!

to be continued