Ishomilken choir

Bloody hell, it’s been long since I’ve put pen to the paper and wrote anything in my diary. I guess I’m the old-school type – the development of technology almost put paper out of use, but it’s something that lasts. Not forever, per say, but it’s real, more than anything else that’s digital.

Ever since I got my QUORN tag stripped and promoted to BSTRD, stuff has been happening at a faster pace than usual. Our new CEO, codename Nashh Kadavr, has had some ideas about taking a holiday that we all gladly agreed upon in the ‘corporation’ meeting. It was up to me and my fellow Known Associate to scout the area out, and after we did, the Bastards moved in for a vacation in Ishomilken.

During our regular ‘patrol duty’ we were waiting for our scout (who was Nashh, best scout ever) to report about system next door, Uuna. Ships were orbiting the Uuna gate while a QUORN, codenamed Derothar transmitted over comms that his ship computer had spotted a named ship in space, hull-type Retriever – a mining barge. I was chilling with Mary doing the routine stuff, but once we got that little snippet of information, I employed Mary to do a full detailed D-Scanner search and she did. The named Retriever’s direction was known and he was either at a station or in an asteroid belt near it. Feeling lucky, I took the ship command in,switched to manual piloting and warped to the asteroid belt.

The unsuspecting mining barge appeared right next to my ship as I landed out of warp, during which I pre-overheated the mid slots so I can make sure the tackle lands as soon as possible. Not more than a second later, the Retriever-type hull was pointed and webbed, while I relayed information about it over comms. As soon as possible, Known Associate and Derothar landed right next to me and assisted by providing additional points and webs. Realizing what a perfect opportunity this was, I told them to use EWAR only and no DPS while I was slowly taking away the thickness of his armour. CEO Nashh landed, and a direct link was established with the poor soul.

Sadly, my link to the communications array was malfunctioning, so it was up to someone else to negotiate the terms with the caught capsuleer. We established that he belongs to a rival pirate corporation called ‘Stay Frosty’ and suggested that he should sing a song for us, in order to save his ship to what he almost instantly agreed. Seems like we’re starting a choir section in this area! I thought and giggled, however, what happened next blew us off completely. It turned out this capsuleer was a professional New Eden singer and he was more than happy to let us hear his majestic voice. Boy, was it majestic. The Bastards in fleet were overwhelmed by epicness of his singing abilities and decided to let him in on some ISK. Some pirates we are, giving other people ISK. Be honest, you want to give him ISK as well. Go and do it. Now.

Audio transmition recording:


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