Rest in peace, Pop Paddi

This is not one of those happy posts I am always doing. I stumbled upon an article about a guy whose grandfather was going through some very serious treatment and he managed to find peace nowhere else but in the game we all so love and enjoy – Eve Online. You can read more about the story here. I do have to quote Evestardam AD “Eve is real”.

I learned about this on @SindelPellion while looking around the Angel project. It turns out that a lot of people from Pandemic Legion, spreadheaded by Sindel and Seldinger as much as I was aware of, I am sorry if I forgot to mention any vital cogs, organized a kind of a Thunderdome with 1000 Ishkurs. They were all fitted up and ready in Zaimeth, handed out neatly and then you would proceed to Mai and shoot at other people to honor the memory of quite possibly one of the oldest Eve-online players.

My corp mate, Known Associate, and I participated and had some fun, but we had to clear out after only 3 ships lost. It was getting kind late, but that’s not the point of this post – what I’ve been trying to find in many other video games I’ve played past couple of years, I’ve found in Eve. Eve is real. The people you meet here aren’t just some randomly created characters behind a role playing game. You come to realize that people in Eve are a lot more ‘real’ than in other video games. In Eve, people care, people suffer and people enjoy. This is what Eve has to offer compared to other video games and this is why I love Eve.

Rest in peace Pop Paddi, I did not know you but you shall be remembered. o7


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