Stupidity in Eve-Online

A wise man who plays in my corporation (let’s name him ‘Johnny’ for sake of the conversation) told us all more than once – always bet on stupid. Somehow, I always fell short of agreeing with that. Yes, there are bad players, but I don’t believe Eve-Online capsuleers are ‘stupid’. Wait, let me correct myself, I didn’t believe. Now I do, not most, but they exist. Through my Eve-O journey I’ve met a lot of characters – some were happy with mining, others were journalists who wanted to get to know this game which hits the headlights from time to time, but most of them were PvPers who were keen on getting a fight and they knew how to do it. Only a few others were like me, complete newbies with no skill points, no hard-core modules or any PvP experience. What all of them had in common was their general matureness and intelligence. I didn’t meet a lot of ‘stupid’ people, except for some Russians (copyright on those who call Auner their home now). Nonetheless, Johnny insisted there are stupid people. From this day on, I’m a believer.

I joined Teamspeak today because we got a general mail from Anab saying that we switched comms from Mumble to TS, and I wanted to set it up. A certain young person called Johnny and a Meatshield cadet I’ve been proud to train these past days jumped me and ordered to get in a ship in Auner, since we’re hunting an Ishtar who was doing missions. Orsius lost his ship to the mission rats and I wanted to give it a go, but I had to retreat almost immediately as towers made short work of my shield and hull. The ship of choice for this action was my Incursus codenamed Mary S, and boy, she is a beauty. She already proved in combat vs some of Navy frigates, namely an Imperial Navy Slicer, and a Navy Hookbill (ty Router for hoarding on the mail :p ). Anyway, once I ran away from the billion rats that were nuking me down, I was back on the outside of our station, repped up and undocked to see if ‘that certain person named Johnny’ can get us down on the Ishtar again. It would’ve been a nice kill, let me tell you, the T2 cruiser kills are gold for a T1 frigate. However, what greeted me on the undock was something completely different. Johnny said on comms that he was going to need someone who is flashy to bait a Wolf to attack him. Being the ‘Mr Spaxi’ I am, comms were flooded with me volunteering, and so I got on grid.

Almost instantly was I targeted by the T2 frigate, Wolf. I burned towards him, overheating everything and tackling him. Poor lad was arty fit, while I had him scrammed and webbed orbiting at 1k. I have to admit I shit my pants. My ancillary was repping up overheated, while I was pulsing my MWD to see if I can get more damage negation regardless of the signature radius penalty. I went into structure a few times, but Mary S was too much for him to handle. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you my first T1 vs T2 frigate solo kill. Mary S has been christened in Navy frigate combat, T2 frigate combat and not to mention T1 frigate combat. Once the fight was over, I collected some ‘local tears’ and docked up, only to get another 1v1 challenge from the same person. This time, I was not going to fight him blind.

That certain young person had a cloaky ship just outside and was able to scan his ship out, giving me valuable information – he was 200mm AC fit this time. Being a cheap ass I usually am, I had no kiting ship, but thanks to Orsius, I was supplied with a 125mm rail Atron, whom I modified a bit to swap a web for a TD. Undock, orbit at 10km, overheat everything, point, TD shoot – BOOM. I found myself in a pod. You see, getting all those kills under my belt with general understanding that I’m a newb made me sprout wings and fly above the clouds, thinking I was the best, the greatest, the UNKILLABLE BY STATION GUNS pirate. Yup, yup, station guns shot my wings down, along with the poor Atron I flew. Stupidity started with me, ladies and gentlemen.

Even though it started with me, it didn’t end there. I immediately refit, thank God for Orsius, and challenged him for another 1v1 and he obliged. Atron was sitting steadily at 30km off the station when he undocked, yet again AC fit and we started playing chicken. I was burning towards him without my prop mod, because I didn’t want to give away my fit, while he was slowboating towards me until something very odd happened. Orsius undocked in a shuttle in order to watch the fight. I have no idea what happened in Wolf pilots mind, as he turned around and fired a volley at the defenseless shuttle. Needless to say, I tackled him since I had a limited engagement timer he supplied me with a few minutes earlier, Orsius docked up (yes, shuttle is safe), and gate guns along with myself netted my new ship the first T2 frigate kill. With this post, I would like to congratulate to Laura, my first Atron fit for general PvP (I got Patricia, whose role is a bit of a secret, but you’ll find out one day).

Human stupidity is infinite, as someone surely had said before (Einstein perhaps, but I cannot know, internet is full of lies), but beware – it can always start or end on your side, no matter how good you are. Keep your wit sharp, your modules repaired and your ship steady. Don’t be cocky, and keep your feet firmly on the ground.

Fly safe, Mr Spaxi.



2 responses to “Stupidity in Eve-Online

  1. Welcome to the “station guns win” group.

    It’s one of those real homer Simpson moments.

    Gratz on the kill.


  2. The kill is fine all in all, but the bigger point of the post was to show how far stupidity can go either way, with both experienced people, newbies and others alike.


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